SKYLER ZENZIAN of the Raven Clan  
Skyler Sierra Zenzian
I was born with the name Skylark.  My family was one of performers.  Musical performers.  I was trained from an early age to sing (hence my name meaning the singing bird)  Alas I do not sing anymore.  After a tragedy, my family was killed leaving My sister Krea and I to live with The Raven Clan.  After training and learning from My elders there.  I went to pursue an acting career in Kessington.  I joined an acting troupe and had a mildly successful career.  I took the stage name Skyler, a name that slides off the tongue more pleasurably.
I moved to Umquano Over a year ago.  Joining my sister in the small sect of the Raven Clan.  When my sister went away for a time, I, being the only "born" member of the Raven Clan took position as Leader of the Clan.  Which I hold even now after my sister's return.  This is not to say that I enjoy my position.  Frankly I find it constraining often times.  I have a lot of responsibility for a young actor who until recently was predominantly irresponsible.
I am Flamboyant to say the least.  I change my Image like others change there clothing.  I like to be seen (but not always) I like to be heard (but can be deadly silent).  I once pretended I had a wife, to gain attention (a fate worse than death, and I am not the marrying type you understand).  I sing (not often anymore), I dance, I perform.  I am a performer.
My clan is one of great heart, great mind and great talent.  My sister Krea Zenzian, pure and kind as nature itself. To her I owe my life and would give mine to protect her.  My friend Raven's Claw, never without a resource (even if it happens to be a sword).  Drakon Corvine, the hero, would give his life (and has) for many a good cause (perhaps TOO many a good cause).
    Bright Hand Skylark (his last name, my first), my blue hearted friend, lost.  I miss him dearly and shant forget him.  Brigid Moonshadow a flittery butterfly, kind and compassionate, but she is more than meets the eye.  Professor Alexander Mindswift, a walking fountain of knowledge... if not a vicious combatant.  Twyla Delore, one of my very best friends and there are very few I'd rather have fighting beside me (and very few with a bigger sword).  Oriana, the newest Raven, quick witted and kind hearted.  Corax NoMunin The cook, the doorman, who downs enemies with frying pans and ladles.
Our Murder (a group a Ravens is called a murder) is a diverse group, of different talents, skills, and flaws.  They are my kindred, I love them dearly.  "Nevermore."
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