DRAKON CORVINE of the Raven Clan (Cover page)

D r a k o n   C o r v i n e

Home with the Raven Clan in Umquano!
   Drakon is basically a hero-type, quite similar in many ways to a guy known as "Robin Hood"; Though he uses a sword & shield not a bow, as he had his left hand hacked off a few years ago!

   Drakon is a good fighter, though at times a bit reckless due to over confidence, someone's being in grave & immediate danger, or both! Knowingly facing overwhelming odds in the name of right is something Drakon just does!

   Drakon also tends to disappear in search of a little adventure now & then; Much to the chagrin of Skyler Zenzian; leader of the Umquano branch of the Raven Clan!

   This is just a very brief summary of who/what Drakon Corvine is; The following pages contain a bit more insight!
To learn more about Drakon; just follow the Raven! THIS WAY!

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