All about the Raven Clan

 We of the Clan of the Raven are brothers and sisters, kindred.  Bonded by blood, by ritual and by the spirit of the Raven that protects us.  Our people (there are about 300 of us) live in the moors and the heath of Ravenshire to the west.  Lead by the Clanelders Jericho "Sunfather" and Saleith "Moonmother".  Each member of the Raven Clan has a celestrial influence of either the sun or the moon.
The Raven Clan of Umquano is an extension of this clan.  We are lead by Skyler Zenzian.  Not all of us were "born into the Raven Clan" some of us were inducted by a sacred rite.  Those of us who became part of the clan in this manner are "blood brothers and sisters" a permanent raven.  No more or less than one born into the clan.
The symbol you see above is the official symbol of our clan.  Within the folds of its wings, the raven holds the sun and the moon.  The raven protects them and is protected by them.  The raven clutches in its  talons  two daggers, these weapons symbolize the potential agression of the bird, as it does its clan.

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